A Word from the Chief

On behalf of the dedicated men and women of Bloomsburg Police Department and the community we serve, it is my privilege to welcome you to our website. It is designed to help familiarize you with our police department, its resources and services, and the community that we serve. The Town of Bloomsburg has the unique distinction of being the only incorporated town in Pennsylvania. Bloomsburg is the county seat of Columbia County. It has nearly 15,000 residents, is home to the Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, and is host of the largest fair in Pennsylvania, the Bloomsburg Fair. As your Chief of Police, I am honored to serve this community. The BPD was established in 1870, when the town was incorporated. The BPD has grown into a full service police department. Meeting the standards of Pennsylvania Municipal Police Act, the department is granted municipal police authority. The department also meets the advanced accreditation standards of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association and proudly avows it’s accreditation. It is a great privilege to work with the members of the Bloomsburg Police. The department consists of a team of highly trained, accomplished, professional, and dedicated people committed to maintaining a safe community and a high quality of life in the community that they serve. Their mission is “To serve the public with integrity and professionalism, and to achieve an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation with all citizens.” The department is committed to strengthening the bonds of cooperation and support with the citizens that we are sworn to protect. The BPD strives to provide the highest quality of police service possible. To make sure that we are addressing the needs of the public, and to identify problems and solve them together, the town/department hosts monthly community Public Safety Committee Meetings. I strongly encourage community members to attend the meetings and share their safety concerns, quality of life improvement ideas, and participate in shared solutions. I welcome your thoughts and ideas on how we can improve our police operations in general. I also ask residents to call with any type of issue that needs attention so we can continue to provide a peaceful community for all people. Sincerely, William Gelgot Chief of Police Bloomsburg Police Department